Our Businesses

As one of the leaders in Philippine energy industry, San Miguel Global Power operates through its top-of-the-line facilities and world-class technologies that altogether help fuel the country’s growth and development. Through our diverse and multi-fuel power assets, we provide affordable and reliable power supply to the country.

Our Businesses
Our Businesses
Our Businesses
Our Businesses

Power Generation

Our diverse, multi-fuel power portfolio enables us to strategically cater to the needs of our customers and ensure the reliability of electricity to power essential sectors and industries in the country.

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Power Supply

Beyond generating power, we are also in the business of powering industries, businesses, and institutions that fuel the growth and development of the country. With various partnerships and a wide base of customers, our Company strives to maintain a reliable, competitive, and sustainable power supply that meets the needs and satisfaction of our customers.

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Battery Energy Storage System

As a trailblazer in battery energy storage technology in the Philippines, San Miguel Global Power is able to significantly support the use of renewable energy sources in the country and help regulate fluctuations in the national grid with zero emissions.

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Retail Electricity Supply

SMGP operations cater to diverse industries, approximately around 137 contestable customers hailing from various industries from small to large-scale contracted capacities. Among these clients, a broad range of industries is represented, including but not limited to food and beverage, leisure and hospitality, petroleum, and construction sector.

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